BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-40

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

MB 229.51/229.31 | BMW LL 04 | VW 502 00/505 00 | Porsche A40

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
81036 4L




Product Description

BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-40 is an HC-Synthetic oil with high-quality additives and optimum lubricating properties. It is designed for diesel engines with exhaust aftertreatment systems as well as for gasoline engines with catalytic converter. The W-guard technology protects the engine from increased wear. The modern COMB Lubriboost technology ensures the engine has a constant lubricating film in urban traffic, in frequent start-stop intervals and in vehicles with hybrid drive. In particular, gasoline direct injection engines at risk, e.g. T-DGI, benefit from the Low-Speed-Pre-Injection (LSPI) protection. Optimum viscosity in high and low temperature ranges are merely formal properties of the premium oil. An outstanding resistance to oxidation and improved engine cleanliness will ensure a long life for the engine components.


  1. BIZOL W-guard Technology ensures improved lubricating properties
  2. LSPI protection prevents expensive engine breakdowns
  3. improved protection against timing chain wear
  4. outstanding lubricant film strength for reliable protection against excessive wear due to frequent start-stops

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