BIZOL Allround 5W-20

Specifications/Approvals & Recommendations

GM DEXOS 1 Gen. 2/6094 M | Ford WSS-M2C-960-A1 | Chrysler MS-6395

Available Packages

Article Nr. Size in Litres
84421 5 L













Product Description

BIZOL Allround 5W-20 is a modern HC-synthetic engine oil. The carefully selected combination of base oils and special additive components results in an engine oil with good fuel saving properties. Gasoline vehicles benefit from this modern engine oil technology. It prevents deposit formation on the piston as well as piston rings. A sophisticated selection of additives prevents sludge formation caused by oxidation. BIZOL Allround 5W-20 provides a fast lubrication of the engine and as a result significantly reduces wear during cold starts. It minimizes the risk of LSPI.



  1. Unique dispersion properties ensure excellent cleaning of all engine components
  2. High stability of lubricating film and reliable wear protection
  3. Optimal fuel combustion

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